buy and sell surplus stock within the interior design profession

Welcome to Interior Design Exchange

Imagine the situation – every designer has been there at least once in their career – you’ve worked for many weeks to get your design just right and client approval.

Then disaster strikes – the curtains have been made in the incorrect colourway, someone’s misread the measuring tape or the client decides she would have preferred the other option.

Whatever the error, it is up to you to put it right and swallow the additional expense. This is not good news but perhaps Interior Design Exchange can help!

It only takes a few minutes to upload the item onto the website and ‘hey presto’ it is automatically showcased to interior design professionals who might just be looking for such a thing for their project.

You sell at trade price, recouping your expenditure and they buy at trade price and make a profit. Everyone’s happy! 

About Interior Design Exchange

This is an new business. Interior Design Exchange offers the interior designer the opportunity to showcase surplus stock to other members of the profession, recoup company expenses and leave the studio clear for creativity rather than storage.

At the same time, you can source and purchase bespoke products from the high end interiors market at trade price, without the usual lead time, sell at a retail price and make a profit for your business.

You can showcase anything of interest to the interior world, anything from a chandelier to a curtain pole and there is a 'Rummage' section is for all those small items that get in the way, but when you need one there isn’t one in sight!

Project Folders allow you to store shortlisted products in a safe place to look at later or forward to a colleague or your client.

You can Reserve an Item too, for up to three days, while you obtain your client’s approval before you buy.

‘Help! I need a…’ You can email the membership to ask if they might just have that few metres of the fabric you are desperately looking for to finish a project stashed away in their store cupboard.

To become a member of Interior Design Exchange you must work within the profession. Your sources and the trade prices are protected as the website is not available to the general public. 

Membership of Interior Design Exchange is free which gives you the opportunity to browse the site, showcase your items and buy unique interior products without extra expense. There is also no charge for uploading an item for sale. The commission paid to IDEx is 10% when an item is sold.

When your item is sold the money is collected from the buyer by Interior Design Exchange and kept safe in an escrow account until delivery is confirmed. At this point you will be paid the sale price, less 10% commission, direct into your bank. (There is VAT on all transactions which will be charged at the current rate.)

This is a simple system which we hope you will enjoy using, whether you are selling, buying or just browsing. If you have any questions please contact us on 01747 811364 or email: we will be pleased to hear from you. 

The more designers and makers who join Interior Design Exchange and add their items for sale - the more interesting it will be!

About Susanne 

Susanne Harding, founder of Interior Design Exchange, gained a BA (Hons) in Interior Design at Trent Polytechnic in 1980 and, after a stint working in set design at BBC, started her own business 'Room Review' in 1984, working in both commercial and residential sectors of the market. In 1995, she took a year out from designing to complete an MA in Conservation of Buildings at York University and has continued to work in interior design, adding new build and renovation/re-styling of old buildings to her repetoire, ever since.

The idea for Interior Design Exchange had been bubbling for a while, finally launching in time for Decorex 2015. Susanne realised, however many times the measurements are checked or the client changes their mind, there are occasions when the designer is left holding the baby... or the curtains, sofa, table lamps... Interior Design Exchange was born as a a solution to this situation and has been welcomed by interior designers from all spheres of the profession. We welcome you to this new community within the world of interior design.